The New Pose

I'm definitely going to be rocking this David Bowie pose in as many pictures as possible from now, on.

The gun is impeccable, and the face so perfectly matched; it's an inspiration for a generation. It's going to take a lot of work to perfect that arrangement of facial expression though.


The Problem With Relationships

Why Is It That My Girlfriend Insists On Sticking Around While I Transform Into A Werewolf?
Granted, occasionally we both lose track of time until one evening the clouds part and the fog breaks and I realize that I've forgotten to check my day planner—yet again—and have also put my girlfriend in grave danger. I always tell her, explicitly, "Run! Run away for the love of God, aaaaaagh, run!" Now, I don't want to yell at her, but I don't have much choice, what with my back muscles tearing through my shirt. She's just going to run away as soon as the transformation is complete anyway, so why not listen to me and get a head start for once, rather than ask in muted horror what's happening to me as my nose and mouth painfully extend to 20 times their original size.
[Via The Onion]

Thinking about Halloween costumes...I'm definitely trying to rock that Daft Punk duo all night!


Right Brain vs. Left Brain

I ran into this website via a SomethingAwful thread, it's a test of whether your left-brained or right brained.

Left-brainers are more logical, tend to see patterns easily; the left brain is also the side which generates words and language. Right-brainers however, are more feeling-oriented, they easily recognize symbols and images, and have good spatial perception skills.

Most people look at this and see the dancer turning counter-clockwise at first (left-brain), if you instantly see it one way...then try and focus to make it change direction. It's fun for the first 10 minutes, but then you start to get a headache lol.


Au Revoir Yankee Doodle

In celebration of the Cleveland Indians wholesale crushing of the New York Yankees in Game 1 of the ALDS, I hereby am declaring the entire NY team a farce (fav word alert!).

Also, and more to the point, the article cited herein perfectly describes the Yankee attitude towards this year's playoffs [Via The Onion]:
"Try to remember that the Yankees are blessed by God himself," Jeter added. "If God wanted us to be a wild-card team, He would have done so when He created the Yankees over 100 years ago."
"Yankees Decline Wild Card"


Tuesday Link Fiesta #3: The Internet Is F'ing Crazy

  • Samaritan Iverson Aids Crash Victims: "Imagine the surprise of two women as Iverson crouched down in the median to find out if they were injured when their car flipped over along Interstate 64 near Hampton, Va."
  • the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks: From the FAQ of this hilarious blog... "What's a bigger waste of time? Blogging about something you find amusing, or telling a blogger how dumb or boring her blog is? I can't believe people are interested in it either, I'm just doing this for fun." The blog's got nearly 400 posts haha wow
  • According to an obituary published in 2004, Francis Crick, the man credited with inventing the double helix model for DNA, took small amounts of LSD during his time at Cambridge University which provided for his spatial visualization of this breakthrough scientific discovery.
  • Big news this week, Radiohead surprised everyone with the sudden announcement of the upcoming release of their new album In Rainbows. They gave us 10 days warning before the release date, but that wasn't the biggest surprise... They are releasing the album on their own (without a record label!) for digital download. And get this, the price is whatever you want it to be! An econ blog that I've got on RSS picked up this story and ponders the potential economic outcome of this revolutionary model of distribution without the universal middle-man (of money!).
  • Pitchfork Media interviewed the superstars of Daft Punk about whats been going on lately with them: the ridiculous Alive 2007 tour, their collaboration with Kanye West, the proliferation of French house, what they dance to, as well as their current projects (new material?).
  • This is a link to a hilarious article about someone who re-envisioned the Myers-Brigg personality types in a completely different light. I'm a mix between The Evil Overlord (ENTP) and The Egghead (INTP) haha. Make sure you link to the original article after reading the summary, its hilarious. [Via Mind Hacks]


Rapture Time #3

I'm glad there are other people taking notice of the release of Google Future, a Google-offshoot which gives the user the ability to search up to 75 years into the future. I searched for "sincerely, ludro" and I got back millions of results...apparently this blog becomes extremely popular right after this post, breaking into the Top-50 Technorati blog rankings, and gets cited all over the universe.

Here's a screen shot of the search "End Times".


Onionized #3

  • Arby's CEO Arrested With Trunk Full of Stolen Horsey Sauce: "When the arresting officer approached the car, Mr. Smith was behaving strangely and the officer detected a strong, spicy odor," said Georgia State Patrol spokesperson Tim Courson. "Upon inspection of the vehicle, the trooper discovered that the trunk contained what appeared to be a large quantity of uncut, pure-grade Horsey Sauce."
  • Co-Worker Not Nearly As Fun Drunk As Originally Suspected: "Nick probably had about five shots during the first half hour we were at Leary's [Tavern], and then he started muttering under his breath," said tech support specialist Michael Derrone, who may have been told to "go fuck" something by Bianchi, though Derrone was uncertain.
  • Eagles Fans Give McNabb Three-Week Deadline To Win Super Bowl: Haha, this is a shout out to all those Eagles fans, you know who you are, who will proclaim Donovan as being the most McNabbulous quarterback of all time one week and then post bounty for his head the following week. Wait, who am I kidding, did I just say week?? Whoops! I meant quarter.